Inhofe honors Obamas with ‘hypocrite’ climate award

Global Climate #4

Former President Obama and his wife were Sen. Jim Inhofe’s second choice for his Climate Hypocrite awards he unveiled during Global Climate Week.

“Despite stating ‘[rising sea levels threaten every coastline,’ that didn’t stop former President Obama from reportedly acquiring a 29 acre, $15 million ocean front estate on Martha’s Vineyard. His actions clearly show he doesn’t believe his own rhetoric, but this is all too common for elite, liberal climate doomsdayers who say one thing but do another.”

In announcing his hypocrite awards, the Republican Senator said it’s easy to get swept up in the rhetoric of climate alarmists but it’s also important to remember the facts.

 Climate alarmists are eager to tell Americans that they need to take radical action, including going vegan, ending air travel,  not having children and eliminating fossil fuels and nuclear energy, but they aren’t willing to back up their data or take the actions they prescribe to everyone else,” said Inhofe.

“This week, while the rest of the world discusses how to use the climate agenda to turn over our economic system to the federal government and international organizations, I’m going to be serving up a dose of reality by recognizing some of the most notable climate hypocrites.”


He previously gave his hypocrite award to Michael Mann who he described as the architect of the discredited “Hockey Stick’ graph “who tells people to believe the science but was implicated in manipulating data in Climategate and refuses to provide the data to back up his graph.”