Two Blaine County wells produce 4,900 barrels a day

Marathon Oil reports hitting it big in Blaine County with two wells on a single pad site bringing total production of 4,912 barrels of oil a day.

The  Houston company reported the Lloyd  1710 wells are located at 25 17N 10W or about 8 miles southeast of the town of Hitchcock near the Lomega High School. Spud dates were in March 2019 and completions were made in July. The first of the wells had production of 1,935 barrels of oil a day along with 2,977 Mcf of natural gas. The second well had production of 2,035 barrels of oil a day and 2,341 Mcf of gas out of the Mississippian formation.

Depth on the first well was 17,015 feet and 16,757 on the second well.


In Canadian County, Chaparral Energy reported completions on five wells on a single pad at 18 13N 6W or 6 miles northeast of El Reno. Combined production from the Brookie 1306 wells was 711 barrels of oil a day and depths were in the 14,000 foot range.

Devon Energy has permits to drill six wells at a site one mile south of the Canadian County town of Calumet. The Jacobs 34 wells, if they are drilled, will be at 14 13N 9W.