Tulsa federal judge sends Pawnee earthquake lawsuit back to Pawnee

For a second time, a U.S. District Judge in Tulsa has ordered a lawsuit filed against energy companies blaming them for causing a 5.8 magnitude earthquake near Pawnee, Oklahoma, to be sent back to a Pawnee County District Court.

Judge Gregory K. Frizzell issued the ruling this month in a lawsuit filed in 2016 by James Adams and others against 7 different energy companies. The suit was filed against Eagle Road Oil LLC, Cummings Oil Co., Territory Resources LLC, Enervest Operating LLC, Petro Warrior LLC, Petroquest Energy LLC and Trinity Opereating LLC.

The 7 firms were accused of causing the Sept. 3, 2016 quake through operation of their disposal wells in the Pawnee area.

Federal Judge Claire V. Eagan in Tulsa ruled in 2017 against Cummings Oil which sought to have the lawsuit moved to federal court. She said the federal court lacked jurisdiction and sent the suit back to Pawnee County district court.

Then Trinity Operating LLC attempted to have the lawsuit moved to Tulsa U.S. District Court but Judge Frizzell ruled the suit should be remanded to Pawnee County District Court.

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