New website announced by Oklahoma DEQ

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality announced the launch of the new DEQ website.

“As part of DEQ’s ongoing commitment to provide customers easy access to agency information, DEQ has created a website designed for a better user experience,” stated the announcement. “The site is customer-focused and features prominent navigation tools and an enhanced search function designed to meet customer expectations for better access and ease in finding relevant information.”

On the new website, Scott Thompson, Executive Director of DEQ said the site is one of many projects in the agency’s strategic plan called Leading the Way.

“As part of Leading the Way, one goal is to improve services to our customers and operate more efficiently. We invite you to follow our progress here,” he said.

“With declining resources, we constantly look for ways to improve services and operate more efficiently. Innovation is key. We understand the vital role of business in Oklahoma’s economy, so we are working to streamline permitting processes to make them more efficient, clear, and predictable. We are building the infrastructure to put many DEQ records online and to expand our online payment options. These are just a few of the efforts we are undertaking in response to your input during development of Leading the Way.”

Thompson urged Oklahomans to follow the DEQ’s social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.