Environmentalists hold annual Tar Creek bike ride


From the Miami News Record

MIAMI — The LEAD Agency held one of its regular Tar Creek bike rides Saturday, July 20, but that didn’t deter those who are champions of the cleanup of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund site.

“It was very hot, in fact, it was so hot we shortened part of the ride,” said LEAD Agency Director Rebecca Jim, noting that riders went only five miles. “We had a great turnout for such a hot, hot day. We were real pleased with it and we had a good time

Riders went across the Rockdale, East Central and Steve Owens Blvd. bridges that span Tar Creek — which is unmarked, but has been on the Superfund list since 1983.

“It’s symbolic of what should happen here,” Jim said. “We’re reminding people that we’ve got a creek that we ought to be able to enjoy.”

She said some of the participants went on a toxic tour and others went on an extended bike ride.

A garden party is planned for Aug. 1.

Plans are continuing for the 21st annual National Environmental Conference Sept. 17-18 at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.