Senate delays vote on Green New Deal

Could be a few more weeks before Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate manage to force a vote on the Democrats’ Green New Deal.

if you were expecting a vote this week, it won’t happen. As POLITICO reported this week, the resolution outlining the scope of the Green New Deal won’t be ready until “the next couple weeks.”

WAITING ON THE VOTE: Two senior Senate Republicans said Tuesday a vote on the Green New Deal resolution, S. Res. 59 (116), might not happen until after a break scheduled for the week of March 18. “It may be likely after the March recess,” Senate EPW Chairman John Barrasso said, adding he expected a vote next week on Trump’s border wall emergency declaration. Sen. John Cornyn , formerly the chamber’s No. 2, echoed that sentiment. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday the vote would be in the “next couple weeks.”

Politically, the analysis concludes that Republicans want to put Democrats on record how they stand on the Green New Deal, a plan many call laughable as it targets cows, airplanes and cars. Democrats on the other hand respond by stating the vote would show who really is concerned about Climate Change and who is not.