Gasoline prices keep going up

Gasoline prices jumped again in the past week going up 7 cents on average across the U.S. while Oklahoma prices rose about six cents per gallon.

AAA Oklahoma reports the nationwide average is $2.55 this week, up from the $2.48 reported a week ago. Prices in Oklahoma average $2.36 a gallon, higher than the $2.30 a gallon reported last week at this time.

Drivers in Oklahoma will still find the cheapest gasoline in southeaster and eastern Oklahoma. Johnston County is lowest at $2.20 a gallon while the highest prices are in the far northwest.

Motorists in Arnett pay an average of $2.69 per gallon while those in Taloga are pumping it at $2.54 per gallon. Lawton has an average of $2.30, an increase of 13 cents over the past week. The average in Oklahoma City is $2.35, up 8 cents. Tulsa drivers saw a 2 cent drop to $2.32 per gallon.

Those who take the drive up I-35 from Texas to Kansas will find prices ranging from $2.43 in Love county to $2.33 in Kay County. Those traveling on Interstate 40 will encounter prices of $2.32 in Sequoyah County on the east to $2.36 in Beckham county.

Oklahoma’s average of $2.36 compares to $2.32 in Texas, $2.34 in New Mexico, $2.31 in Arkansas, $2.32 in Missouri, $2.36 in Colorado and $2.36 in Kansas.