Judge to determine if Roan Resources can drill wells fought by Mustang and Yukon residents

An Oklahoma Corporation Commission Administrative Law Judge gave hundreds of residents opposed to two well drilling sites in Canadian County a partial victory in the past week. But only after scolding one opponent for declaring “we will not be steamrolled over.”

ALJ Kendal Huber Minmier gave a stern rebuke to opponent Eric Sanderson, stating “There is no steamrolling in my courtroom. It is not a rubber stamp. That is offensive to me.”

Sanderson had the support of an estimated 300 people opposed to the plan by Roan Resources to drill two wells between Mustang and Yukon. The site of the two proposed wells is at SW 29th and Czech Hall Road and nearby residents learned of the intentions only after mineral owners were notified, according to a report in the Yukon Review.

The energy company had requested approval to begin drilling on an emergency basis and Roan Resources indicated it had already leased a drilling rig and the delay would cost millions of dollars.

But the ALJ ruled Roan had not adequately addressed the safety and health impacts on neighbors and nearby schools nor of the potential traffic dangers on the nearby roads.

Residents told the Review they know the issue is not resolved.

“Although this hearing resulted in a denial, this is not the end, said Christine Parrish. “Rest assured, Roan Resources will come back strongly addressing all the public safety issues with its proposed actions to ensure the public’s safety.”

The Judge at the Corporation Commission plans to hold a hearing on the merits of the protest on Dec. 18.