Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions finds sweet spot in the STACK


Because of a shortage of employees, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s handling of oil and gas well completion reports has been slow. But the commission’s latest completion reports showed 29 were filed by Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions LP, a subsidiary of Alta Mesa Holdings based in Houston, Texas.

All 29 reports were filed for Kingfisher County, right in the heart of the STACK play. At least seven of the reports were for multi-well pads as it seems Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions found a successful sweet spot in an area east of the city of Kingfisher.

Most of the multi-well pads were drilled in the general vicinity of about 8 to 10 miles east of Kingfisher. The largest of the single wells produced about 66 Boed. It was the Oak tree 1605 5-30mh but combined with two others drilled at the same site, the total pad production was 1,238 Boed. The location was 30 16N 5W or 9 miles east of Kingfisher and south of State Highway 33.

The four-well pad of Niko producers, located at 36 16N 6W or 8 miles east of Kingfisher had total production of 1,161 Boed.

Three James wells drilled on the same pad at 26 17N 6W had total production of 808 Boed. They are located approximately 7 miles northeast of Kingfisher and north of Highway 33.

Three Speyside wells, 27 16N 6W had combined production of 622 Boed. Their location is 6 miles due east of Kingfisher but on the south side of highway 33.

The three Huntsman wells at 26 15N 6W had combined production of 721 Boed. The pad site is located 8 miles southeast of Kingfisher.

Oklahoma Acquisition reported three Zeppelin wells at 10 16N 6W with total production of 681 Boed. The wells are located 6 miles east of Kingfisher.

The final multi-well pad was The Trick with 541 Boed of total production from three wells. They are located at 35 18N 6W or about 5 miles east of Dover which puts them northeast of Kingfisher.