OERB ads highlight energy focus of Sapulpa Junior High School teacher

The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board started airing TV and print advertisements over the weekend showing the work of a Sapulpa teacher in encouraging students to become focused on science and energy—-and working with the oil and gas industry.

Mindy Stitt, Executive Director of OERB said the ads highlighted the work of Darius Todd, a junior high school science teacher who is helping a grow “a talent pool of young, STEM-educated Oklahomans.”

Stitt explained Todd is dedicated to preparing his students for future career opportunities in STEM fields by instilling in them a solid foundation of science concepts.

“He recognizes the importance of the oil and gas industry to the future of Oklahoma and is doing his part in fostering the next generation of Oklahoma leaders,” said Stitt in discussing the TV ads.

See the OERB’s focus on Todd in a video showing his story by clicking here.