New Cushing pipeline one of two to be built by Phillips 66

Phillips 66 and Bridger Pipeline LLC are looking for customers for their proposed Liberty Pipeline to carry crude oil from the Rockies and Bakken production areas south to Corpus Christi, Texas. And Phillips is planning a new line in Oklahoma.

The two have also announced a joint open season for the line to carry up to 350,000 barrels a day with the ability to expand further. Phillips 66 and Bridger hope to have the line in service by the fourth quarter of 2020.

Phillips 66 also announced open season for its proposed Red Oak Pipeline to serve shippers from Cushing south to Corpus Christi, Houston and Beaumont, Texas.  The Red Oak line will have initial capacity of 400,000 barrels a day but like the Liberty pipeline will have the ability for expansion. It should also be in operation by the end of 2020.

Both the Liberty Pipeline and the Red Oak Pipeline open seasons will commence at 12 p.m. CST on Nov. 12, 2018. Prior to participating in the open seasons, interested parties must execute a confidentiality agreement to govern the receipt of the open season documentation.