Governor Fallin offers economic advice to Kevin Stitt

With Oklahoma to soon be under new leadership at the capitol, outgoing Governor Mary Fallin is not only offering help in making the transition for Governor-elect Kevin Stitt, but some advice too. And it focuses on energy.

“Whether you’re Democrat or Republican, every governor will have an economic downturn with the energy sector,” she said in a Tuesday night interview at a GOP watch party.  “It’s just the way it is nationally and locally if you’re an oil and gas state. The biggest challenge he’ll have is to make sure we’re well positioned than we are right now. Make sure we’re well positioned to handle those downturns when they come.”

Gov. Fallin wasn’t so lucky when she took office.

“When I took office as governor, our state was in the grips of an economic downturn caused by a national recession. Oklahoma’s unemployment rate was 6.2 percent, and the state had $2.03 in its savings account. Today, our unemployment rate is 3.5 percent and Oklahoma has nearly $500 million in its savings account. We’ve diversified our economy and added close to 200,000 jobs.”

She cited approval of a structurally sound state budget which gives the state financial stability plus giving teachers their largest pay increase in state history.

Gov. Fallin also promised to make sure Stitt has a smooth transition as he prepares for his inauguration and swearing-in ceremony in January.

“My office is well prepared to help make him successful. the governor-elect’s office at the state Capitol is equipped with computers and telephones to begin the orderly transition of power.”