Devon files more reports showing success of multi-well pad sites

Devon Exploration has filed 14 more well completion reports showing their latest productive efforts on multi-well pads in Oklahoma’s STACK play.

The largest of the wells had production in the 900 barrel a day range. But the combined production is impressive.

Three wells were completed in Blaine County and two were on the same pad site, 13 15N 10W. 

The Horsefly 13_24-15n-10w wells were in addition to two other wells on the same pad site reported earlier in the week. The two wells had combined production of 1,436 Boed.

Thirteen Devon wells were reported in Kingfisher County.

Four Bernhardt 8_5-15n-9w wells on the same pad are located south of state highway 33 and northeast of the community of Greenfield but in Kingfisher county.  Their combined production was 1,037 boed. The wells are located at 8-15N 9W. But three previous wells had been reported by Devon at the same site, making for seven wells on the pad.

Three new wells at 4 16N 9W were reported by Devon in Kingfisher County. They were the latest Mosasaurus wells. Two others had been previously reported.

Devon also reported four more new wells at 29 16N 9W making for a total of 8 at the same site. The combined production of the 4 latest Smilodon 29-16n-9w wells is 2,099 Boed.