Tishomingo area sees two large producing wells

While two large wells have been produced in the expected STACK and SCOOP plays as reported this week, two others have been hit in an area not normally associated with large wells.

XTO Energy Inc. hit two wells in Johnston County and west of Tishomingo in the southern part of the state, one producing more than  900 barrels of oil a day and the other 549 Boed.  Both were drilled in the Woodfords and completed in July.

Both were located close to the town of Mannsville, one at 16 4S 4E and the other at 8 4S 4E.

The largest well reflected in Tuesday’s completion reports was one drilled by Chesapeake Operating Inc. in Kingfisher County. The States 15-18-6 4hc, located at 15 18N 6W had production of 1,606 Boed along with 1,218 Mcf of natural gas. Its spud date was in May 2018 and drilling was finished later the same month. Completion was made June 12 in the Oswego formation.

The actual site of the well is about 4 miles southeast of Hennessey.

Continental Resources Inc. came up with another big producer in the SCOOP. The Lyle 3-30-19xhs, located at 31 3N 4W in Garvin county was spudded in March and drilling ended in May with completion made June 17, 2018. The Lyle had production of 1,300 Boed along with 2,142 Mcf of natural gas.

The Springer formation well is located several miles southwest of Lindsay and west of Purdy and state highway 76.