Small earthquakes shake Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas

The U.S. Geological Survey reported at least two small earthquakes in Oklahoma over the weekend along with others in southern Missouri and West Texas.

The strongest of the Oklahoma earthquakes measured 2.7 magnitude and occurred in an area where there is active oil and gas drilling and wastewater injection wells. Scientists contend the wastewater wells are the cause of some earthquakes in the state.

The 2.7 quake happened Saturday night about 21 miles northwest of Guthrie and less than a mile from the small town of Marshall. The epicenter was about 3 miles deep.

The second quake in Oklahoma happened early Sunday afternoon near Coyle and measured only 2.2 magnitude. Its epicenter was about 3 miles deep.

For the second time in less than a week, a small earthquake was recorded in southeastern Missouri and only a mile from Madie, Tennessee. it measured only 2.1 magnitude.

West Texas where there has been an increase in light earthquakes associated with growing oil and gas drilling experienced a Sunday earthquake around noon. It measured 2.8 magnitude and was about 6 miles northeast of the t own of Brand, Texas. Its depth was less than one mile.