NASA’s Bridenstine vows to make return to moon ‘permanent’

Former Oklahoma congressman Jim Bridenstine, now the Administrator of NASA says when the U.S. returns to the moon, it’ll be to stay.  Permanently.

It’s what he said this week in an interview with Tulsa radio station, Talk Radio 1170 KFAQ.

Bridenstine discussed the future of NASA, including going back to the moon and possibly even to Mars. He says when astronauts next land on the moon, it will be to set up permanent operations.

“Getting back to the moon is certainly on the President’s agenda. And we’re gonna do it differently than we’ve ever done it before,” said Bridenstine. “This time we’re gonna go sustainably.  When we go, we’re gonna stay. We’re not gonna plant flags and footprints and come home.”

He said a sustainable architecture would be created so astronauts can go back and forth to the moon, “over and over again.”


Listen to the whole interview here.