Environmental group grades Oklahomans and others on US House environment protection votes

A report from the liberal Environmental Working Group Action Fund isn’t complimentary to Oklahomans in the U.S. House when it comes to protecting the environment. The EWG Action Fund released a report this week grading every member of the House on chemical policy and chemical safety votes.

The grade was based on 17 bills and amendments voted on in the 115th and 114th Congresses.  The EWG found 140 lawmakers voted against safeguards for toxic chemicals in every vote while 149 consistently voted for the protections.

The group indicated former Rep. Jim Bridenstine and Republican congressman Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma voted against every one of the protections. It gave them a zero pro-environment vote.

Reps. Frank Lucas, Tom Cole and Steve Russell each received a 6% pro-environment vote.

Kansas members in the U.S. house were all ranked as no pro-environment votes.  All four are Republicans and either voted against or did not vote on issues such as protecting fisheries from toxic chemicals, new chemical safety rules, protection of farmworkers from pesticides and ending a toxic air pollution loophole.

Those who received high marks including 100% pro-environment were Democrats. For instance in Maryland, the state’s 7 Democrats in the House received a 100% rating while Maryland’s lone Republican, Andy Harris was given a zero rating.

The four Representatives in Arkansas are Republicans and were given low ratings….zero or 6 percent.

All of 9 the members of the U.S. House from Massachusetts are Democrats and received a 100% rating.