Could storms bring rain to Oklahoma and affect energy operations?

While Hurricane Florence leaves East Coast authorities wondering about the extent of damage she’ll cause, Oklahoma weather experts are keeping an eye on two other storms. They’re wondering if the state will get any rain out of them.

Gary McManus, State Climatologist with the Oklahoma Mesonet suggests the state could get rain and certainly impact energy operations in the state.

First of all, there’s tropical storm Isaac which is approaching southern Caribbean and might skirt south of Puerto Rico.

“Right now, let’s say the chances of it traveling through the Gulf and entering our area as a remnant are quite small,” he wrote in a report this week.

But a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico has a 605 chance of forming a tropical cyclone.

“That one is a *little* more intriguing. It will probably reach Tropical Depression at best before it hits the coast in Texas or Louisiana, so it will be more of a rainmaker than a big wind event<‘ wrote McManus. “Hard to say what it will do after that, but it is possible that we could see another glancing blow across far SW OK or maybe the Panhandle? “