Wildfire smoke creates health problems in some areas of the U.S.

Smoke from the massive wildfires in California have made for hazy days in Oklahoma for weeks now. But this week, the smoke reached alarming levels in the state of Oregon.

Officials in Portland declared the air was unhealthy and urged residents to remain in doors for at least Tuesday. But they also expected to same smoke that’s floated over the Midwest for the past month to make conditions hazy and unhealthy in Oregon until Friday.

The Willamette Week reported on the situation stating that the Oregon Department of Air Quality had advised the elderly, children and those with lung and heart conditions to stay indoors and keep windows shut.

The DEQ in Oregon stated that the most recent air quality measurement showed an excess of smoke that meant “everyone may begin to experience health effects.”

For weeks, smoke from the fires has settled over the rest of the country. At one point, the Rocky Mountains could not be seen from hotel rooms in Denver.  And the same smoke drifted eastward and was eventually detected on the eastern coast of the country.