Money is the fuel for a political campaign

If money is critical to a political campaign, then it might explain why Cathy Costello is ahead in at least one poll as she and Rep. Leslie Osborn compete for the GOP Labor Commissioner runoff.

A review of campaign reports of both candidates shows Costello not only outraised Osborn in money for the June primary but outspent her as well, money from those in the energy sector as well as other industries.

The latest campaign contribution report on file with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission showed Costello raised a total of nearly $579,000 and spent nearly $351,000. It left her with nearly $228,000 to start the run-off campaign which will be decided August 28.

Up to June 11, Costello spent $283,000 on media buys and advertising including about $34,000 on radio.

Rep. Osborn raised $456,000 in the same time period and spent about $351,000 in the primary campaign, leaving her with about $153,000 to campaign against Costello.

The next campaign report is a pre-runoff election report and it won’t be due until Aug. 13 to Aug. 20. The 2018 pre-general election report won’t be due until Oct. 29.