Oklahoma jobless rate improves to 3.9% for June

Oklahoma’s unemployment rate improved in June to 3.9% compared to 4.3% reported in June 2017.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission indicated the state’s jobless rate is better than the national rate of 4%. It means Oklahoma has a labor force of 1,859,061 and 1,786,898 are working. The number of those who are not working total 72,163.

The labor force actually grew by 4,164 which is a rate of 0.2%. The growth has continued throughout the year as Oklahoma has added 26,525 to the labor force.

The mining and logging sector, where oil and gas employment is figured totaled 53,800 in June, up from the 53,400 reported in May. It also represented an increase of 5,300 workers compared to June 2017.

The May to June 2018 increase represented 0.7% while it was a 10.9% jump from June 2017 to June of this year.