Extreme heat causes more buckling of highways in Oklahoma

The extreme heat in Oklahoma has caused more buckling of highways including the Cimarron turnpike among the latest.

At least 16 concrete panels in 11 locations have buckled on the turnpike in recent days, according to Joe Echelle, assistant executive director for engineering and maintenance.

“We are hoping for cooler weather,” he told the Tulsa World.

Repairs have been made by turnpike crews and the cost is about $9,000 for each panel. When temperatures reach a certain point, the panels expand and if expansion joints are clogged with debris, it prevents the expansion, causing the buckling of concrete.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation reports numerous other incidents on interstate and state highways due to the extreme heat.

Spokeswoman Mills Leslie said four incidents occurred on Interstate 244 as well as one on I-44 in Tulsa county. Another happened in Okmulgee County on U.S.  highway 75.