Costello picks up endorsement from Sen. Larry Boggs

Cathy Costello has picked up another endorsement in her run-off for the GOP nomination for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner.

State Sen. Larry Boggs, the former Director of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau came out with his support.

“Cathy Costello best represents the conservative values of rural Oklahoma and she knows what it takes to create good jobs,” he said in announcing his endorsement. “She wants to get rid of unnecessary occupational licensing that puts a disproportionate burden on people who work in rural areas.”

He maintained that Costello also wants to address mental health issues in the workplace including substance abuse and addiction.

“Cathy is the only candidate talking about Oklahoma’s high workplace fatality rates—especially in agriculture. Southeast Oklahoma has all the potential for an economic boom and the right Labor Commissioner can make the difference.”

Costello is in a run-off race with Rep. Leslie Osborn. The primary runoff is set for Aug. 28 and the winner will campaign for the general election to be held Nov. 6, 2018.