Wind Catcher Route Runs into Opposition from Osage Minerals Council

Another setback for PSO’s massive wind farm in the Panhandle called the Wind Catcher.

The proposed route of the transmission line that would carry electricity from near Guymon to Tulsa and across Osage County was rejected by the Osage Nation Minerals Council. The tribe owns mineral rights to all of Osage County

But council members, according to the Tulsa World, aren’t offering much of an explanation why it came out against the route of the line to be built by American Electric Power and its subsidiary PSO.

The $4.5 billion project is a partnership between PSO and sister company Southwestern Electric Power Co.

The route of the transmission line would be across northern Oklahoma and was to end near Sperry where there would have been a substation.  But PSO spokesman Stan Whiteford indicated the vote of the Osage Nation Minerals Council might mean it will not be built.

However, PSO still could use a southern route and the World reported it has some Tulsa area residents concerned that the massive line could cross their property.