Oklahoma Has Cheapest Gasoline in the Region Unless You’re in Dewey County

With gasoline demand flat for a second week, prices in Oklahoma remained steady for the most as this week’s average of $2.52 per gallon was the same as one week ago.

AAA Oklahoma reports it compares to the national average of $2.81, same as last week.  Diesel fuel prices in Oklahoma stayed at an average of $2.78 a gallon while nationally, the average remained at $3.07.

Oklahoma’s average keeps it in the top ten for the cheapest gasoline in the country. While the state average is $2.52 a gallon, residents of Dewey County in the northwest are paying average of $2.73 a gallon. The average in Woods county is $2.70 and drivers in Kingfisher county pay an average $2.68 per gallon.

Oklahoma City’s average is $2.51, up a penny from a week ago. The average in Tulsa dropped from $2.53 last week to $2.48 a gallon this week. Lawton still has the cheapest gasoline but its average rose from $2.38 a gallon last week to $2.41 this week.

Oklahoma has the lowest average of its surrounding states.  Colorado drivers pay an average $2.66 while those in Kansas are faced with an average $2.58 at the pumps.

The average in New Mexico is up to $2.78 while Texas drivers face an average $2.60 a gallon. Missouri’s average is $2.54 and the average in Arkansas is $2.53 per gallon.