How the State Senate Voted on Anti-Wind Bill

Political observers at the Oklahoma State Capitol predict the anti-wind effort of some state legislators will not go away, just because the Senate on Monday voted down an effort to eliminate refundability of tax credits for wind farms.

Still to be decided are two remaining bills  that could also target the capping of credits.

As for the defeat of SB888,  the vote was 18 for and 23 against. Here is a listing of how the Senators voted.

    SENATE BILL 888            Revenue and taxation; electric power produced  by zero-emission facilities; eliminating                refundability of tax credits. Effective date.

         YEAS:   18                                            RCS#  631

         NAYS:   23                                            4/30/2018

         EXC :    6                                              5:56 PM

         N/V :    0

         VAC :    1

    YEAS:   18

    Allen             Dahm              Rader             Stanislawski

    Bice              Daniels           Rosino            Sykes

    Boggs             Paxton            Silk              Treat

    Brecheen          Pugh              Smalley

    Brown             Quinn             Standridge

    NAYS:   23

    Bass              Griffin           McCortney         Sharp

    Bergstrom         Ikley-Freeman     Murdock           Shaw

    Brooks            Jech              Pederson          Simpson

    David             Kidd              Pemberton         Thompson

    Dugger            Leewright         Schulz            Yen

    Floyd             Matthews          Scott

    EXCUSED:    6

    Dossett           Fry               Pittman

    Fields            Newhouse          Sparks