Hamm Strikes it Richer with Multi-Pad Drilling Sites in STACK

There is good reason why Harold Hamm is smiling these days. His company Continental Resources’ multi-pad drilling in Blaine County has resulted in wells producing a combined total of nearly 15,000 barrels of oil a day.

It is another case of the STACK offering massive production.

Completion reports filed recently showed two sites, the Gillian and the Verona turned out to be literal gold mines as the company used numerous horizontal drilling techniques. It is no wonder that company founder and Chairman Harold Hamm offered this comment after releasing the first quarter earnings report.

““Our first quarter  results show our 2018 breakout year is off to a strong start,” said Hamm. “We are breaking away from our peers and capitalizing on decades of exploration efficiencies.”

At the same time, another monster well was drilled by Devon Energy in Blaine County and produced 3,340 Boed. The Chipmunk 11_2-16N-12W 1HX was drilled in August of last year and drilling was finished in September 2017. Completion was made in January 2018. The well is located about 2 miles northwest of the city of Watonga.

The same reports revealed the multi-pad drilling techniques by Continental Resources paid off handsomely.

The Verona, located at 26 16N 10W in Blaine County offered 7 different wells, each producing more than 1,000 barrels of oil a day. The largest producer was 1,905 Boed while the others had production of 1,098; 1,043; 1,508; 1,508; 1,512; and 1,442 Boed.

The Verona is located about 10 miles due east of Watonga and is in the northeast corner of the intersection. The first drilling at the site was in early 2016 and the subsequent wells were drilled throughout the year with completions of the wells made in 2017.

Not far away in the same section is the Gillian well site, also at 26 16N 10W and one which offered 9 different producing wells, the largest offering 1,046 Boed. Others offered production of 794, 223, 764, 59, 478, 778, 678 and 216 Boed. Drilling of the various well sites started in 2016, just like the Verona.