Scott Pruitt’s Job on the Line at the White House

One Washington D-C news group maintains the White House is closer than ever to perhaps firing Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Politico says it’s learned White House chief of staff John Kelly had considered dumping the former Oklahoma Attorney General over Pruitt’s travel expenses.  But Kelly wants to be sure and will await the results of an investigation by the EPA inspector general.

The political news organization also suggested there might be another reason Kelly hasn’t fired Pruitt.

“Pruitt is doing the job President Donald Trump wants—including an announcement Monday that the agency will reserve the Obama administration’s attempt to tighten fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks,” reported Politico.

The news website reported several sources close to the President who described Pruitt as “one of Trump’s most effective Cabinet members in making policy” even though he’s drawn fire over his exorbitant travel expenses. Then there is the most recent ethics issue for Pruitt….the $50-a-night lease he had last year in an energy lobbyist’s Capitol Hill condo.

Here’s how Politico reported Pruitt’s status:

“Scott Pruitt has proven that he’s not afraid to stick his neck out and take on some big issues, and this is another example of that,” said Myron Ebell, the energy director at the Competitive Enterprise Institute who ran Trump’s EPA transition team. He added: “Now whether that helps him given his bad press on these other things, we’ll have to wait and see.”