Scott Pruitt’s Ego Now Focus of National Stories

Some of the national media won’t let up on digging up what they can about Scott Pruitt ever since he left Oklahoma as Attorney General and became Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The latest report?  It focuses on Pruitt’s supposed ego in which he reportedly urged the EPA last year to redesign its memorabilia so it would emphasize his name.

In a report, Politico and the New York Times said Pruitt urged the adoption of his name on the agency’s “challenge coin” which is a commemorative medal. Pruitt wanted to increase the size and have his name on the coin.

In short, he wanted the coin to reflect more of him and less of the EPA. He even proposed removing the EPA name from the coin.

Pruitt also told aides the coin’s logo of a green flower with leaves looked too much like a marijuana plant.

According to the Times, Pruitt made other suggests including a buffalo design to represent Oklahoma and a Bible verse.

“These coins represent the agency,” said Ronald Slotkin, who served as the director of the EPA’s multimedia office until earlier this year. “But Pruitt wanted his coin to be bigger than everyone else’s and he wanted it in a way that represented him.”