Rig Counts Increased in Past Week in U.S. and Oklahoma

More oil and gas drilling rigs were added to the mix in Oklahoma and across the U.S. in the past week according to reports from the Independent Oil and Gas Service and Baker Hughes Co.

Oklahoma added 4 to reach 124 while nationally, the count grew by 6 to hit 990. The national count included 4 more oil rigs to reach 800 while the number of gas drilling rigs grew by one to reach 189.

Compared to a year ago, the national count is up 201.  Canada reported a drop of 54 rigs in the past week and dropped to a count of 219.

With the exception of Colorado and Louisiana, most of the oil and gas producing states in the Oklahoma region saw additional rigs dotting the horizon. Kansas added 5 to reach 41 while the count in Texas grew by 2 to hit 492.

New Mexico’s count grew by one to hit 88 while in North Dakota, three rigs were added to reach a total of 53. Colorado’s count slipped by 2 to reach 29. The count in Louisiana dropped by one to 57.

Of the oil and gas plays, the Permian remained King with one more rig making the total 437 rigs. The Granite Wash in Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle saw the addition of 2 rigs to reach 14. The Mississippian remained at four.

The Eagle Ford added one to reach 71. The DJ-Niobrara in Colorado dropped by one to 23. The Woodfords in Oklahoma slipped by one to 8.