Historic Gas Pump Stolen from Route 66 Gas Station in Miami

You can’t blame the American Pickers for the missing 8-foot-tall history red gas pump from an historic gas station in Miami, Oklahoma. However, they no doubt would be interested in the valuable item.

Thieves tried to steal all three of the nearly 100-year old gas pumps from the Marathon Gas station but could only get away with one according to Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson. It is worth $5,000.

“We have received calls from all over,” said the chief in the wake of the theft that happened last month. “We are checking out every lead and tip.”

The pumps were bolted in cement in front of the gas station that is on the National Register of Historic Places. But someone in the middle of the night on Feb. 26 removed the bolts and made off with one of them .

The pump was not original to the gas station but was relocated when the gas station was restored as a site along historic Route 66. The station was originally built in 1929 by Transcontinental Oil.

Since the theft, the current owner removed the other two pumps and put them in storage just to make sure they were not stolen.