Gasoline Prices Rise in Half of U.S. but Remain Steady in Oklahoma

While gasoline prices are on the rise for half of the country, they declined slightly in Oklahoma.

AAA Oklahoma reports some states have seen average prices increase as much as 9 cents over the past week. But in Oklahoma, the average this week was $2.34 a gallon, a drop of 2 cents from a week ago. It is also an 8-cent a gallon decline from a month ago.

The national average is $2.53 a gallon down a penny from last week. However, AAA reports 25 states saw price hikes including a 4-cent a-gallon-hike in Kansas. The average in Ohio jumped 9 cents while drivers in Indiana saw an 8-cent increase over the past week. The average price in Texas went up 3 cents a gallon.

“2018 has seen fluctuating crude oil prices, strong gasoline demand and new U.S. oil production records creating a volatile gas price market from month to month for consumers,” said Jeanette Casselano. “Typically, March brings more expensive pricing as days get longer, weather gets warmer and refinery’s gear up to switchover to pricier summer blends.”

Today, gas prices are 8 cents cheaper from last month. However, they are still 22 cents more expensive than this time last year.

Drivers in Oklahoma City pay an average of $2.32 a gallon, same as a week ago. Tulsa’s average dropped 5 cents, from $2.39 last week to $2.34 this week.