Gasoline Prices Jump Slightly in Oklahoma

Gasoline prices at the pump jumped about 2 cents a gallon in the past week reaching a price of $2.34 a gallon according to AAA Oklahoma.

The average puts Oklahoma in the top ten for cheapest gasoline in the country. The State’s average is 8th lowest while Missouri’s $2.26 is lowest.

Oklahoma’s average compares to $2.32 a week ago. The national average reached $2.55 a gallon. Oklahoma is one of eleven states in the country with averages ranging from $2.267 to $2.378.

Oklahoma City’s average rose from $2.30 last week to $2.322 this week. Tulsa’s average jumped four cents reaching $2.348 this week. Lawton continues to have the lowest average in the state at $2.216, up from $2.188 reported a week ago.

Surrounding state averages include $2.38 in Kansas, $2.31 in Texas, $2.37 in New Mexico and $2.41 in Colorado.