Dallas Neighborhood Where Blast Killed Girl Forced to be Evacuated Again

The Dallas neighborhood where a home exploded in a natural gas leak last month killing a 12 year old girl, was evacuated Wednesday night because of a natural gas smell.

At least 25 homes and residents of 18 nearby apartments were evacuated by Atmos Energy crews.

The neighborhood has been without natural gas since the February 23 explosion that leveled a home and killed the young girl. An estimated 2,800 residents were left without natural gas service. The company has been attempted to replace thousands of feet of outdated pipes since the blast.It’s reported 152,000 feet of pipe and 2,435 service lines are being replaced.

Atmos Energy indicated this week that the old steel pipes had been replaced with High-Definition Polyethylene pipe.

The deadly incident remains under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board.