West Virginia Seeking Input From Utilities on Impact of New Federal Tax Law

Oklahoma isn’t the only state monitoring the impact of tax changes on public utilities.

In West Virginia, the Public Service Commission has directed all privately-owned electric, gas, water, sewer and solid waste facilities to track the tax savings on a monthly basis beginning in January.

The law went into effect after President Trump signed the bill in December.

The West Virginia Commission will require privately affected utilities to file testimony explaining the impact of the new law on their federal income tax. The Commission set a deadline of May 30 for the testimony. The Commission also invited other parties to submit comments regarding the new law’s effect on regulated utilities.

In a report dated December 29, 2017, OK Energy Today reported that Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter filed five motions against Oklahoma Gas and Electric, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Natural Gas, CenterPoint Energy and Arkansas Oklahoma Gas seeking rate reductions for Oklahoma utility rate payers due to the new tax reform measures.