Northwest Oklahoma Only Gets Drier

Northwest Oklahoma continues to be without significant moisture of any kind and according to the Oklahoma Mesonet, reached the 105th straight day without recorded precipitation.
State Climatologist Gary McManus is keeping the records and in Wednesday’s Mesonet report, indicated “western OK was left high and dry and dusty” following weekend storms that produced rain for the southeast part of the state.
As McManus put it, with tongue in cheek, ” as you can see, western OK was left high and dry and dusty. Today will mark
the 105th consecutive day in a row (THAT PHRASE BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE TICKER REDUNDANCY DEPARTMENT) that the Mesonet sites at Woodward and Hooker have recorded precipitation. ANY precipitation. And only a bit of snow melt that
amounted to a hundredth of an inch on Jan. 13 prevented Beaver from its 109th consecutive moisture free day. The rainfall total map from that period has lots of goose eggs on it.”
He explained that over the 105 day period, 7 of the Mesonet’s 120 sites have a tenth of an inch or less. Thirty others have an inch or less and all but 3 are in the single digits.
In the same time period, southeast Oklahoma locations received significant rain including 10.58 inches at Valliant; 10.59 inches at Mt. Herman and 11.41 inches at Cloudy.
“The million dollar question is, when will it rain again? Considering we’ve now asked that for *105 CONSECUTIVE DAYS* now, what’s the point? The next 7 days? Not looking good,” wrote McManus.