Completion Reports Jan. 18, 2018–Jan. 24, 2018

The following is a list of Well Completions in the state as reported by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for the period of Jan. 18, 2018 through Jan. 24, 2018.

The display is in a spread-sheet form. But we hope to improve on it in the coming one to two weeks and

COUNTY Well name OPERATOR SCTN TWN RNG SPOT Completion Date Oil Gas Water Scan Date API Document
Kingfisher BRANDT 1707 #1LMH-12 CHAPARRAL ENERGY LLC 12 17N 7W SW SW SE SW Aug-27-2017 680 882 1680 Jan-18-2018 07325654 500631042
Logan COOKSEY 5-8 MH RED BLUFF RESOURCES 17 17N 2W NW NW NE NW Oct-17-2017 458 168 2219 Jan-18-2018 08324409 500631076
Logan GENE 2 POLK B R INC 12 19N 2W C NE NE Dec-13-2017 3 190 20 Jan-18-2018 08330147 500631163
Pittsburg STEWART 3-19H30 BP AMERICA PRODUCTIO 19 6N 13E NE SE NW NW Sep-07-2017 1200 Jan-18-2018 12124782 500631149
Pittsburg BENNETT 3-14H BP AMERICA PRODUCTIO 23 4N 12E SE NE NE NW Sep-13-2017 509 Jan-18-2018 12124788 500631124
Pittsburg WILSON 3-23H BP AMERICA PRODUCTIO 14 5N 13E NE SW SW SW Sep-06-2017 Jan-18-2018 12124789 500631137
Pittsburg WILSON 4-23H BP AMERICA PRODUCTIO 14 5N 13E NE SW SW SW Sep-06-2017 338 Jan-18-2018 12124790 500631143
Pittsburg RESH 2-8H BP AMERICA PRODUCTIO 5 3N 12E NE SE SW SE Sep-18-2017 462 Jan-18-2018 12124791 500631158

eventually return to the previous display method which we believe is easier to read.