Total Energy Production Rankings Released by EIA

The federal government says when it comes to total energy production in the U.S., the state of Wyoming is at the top of the list. The remaining states in the top five are Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and North Dakota.

Oklahoma is ranked third nationally behind number one Texas and Pennsylvania when it comes to natural gas production. It ranks 5th nationally for oil production, behind Texas, North Dakota, California and Alaska. Oklahoma ranks 22nd in coal production while Wyoming’s production of nearly 376,000 short tons ranks it number one in the country.

In the category of renewable energy production, Oklahoma is ranked fifth behind Texas, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and just ahead of North Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico and Illinois.

While Wyoming has the smallest population of any state and ranks 42nd out of 51 in energy consumption it leads the nation in coal production. Texas leads the U.S. in energy production and consumption. It also produces 41% more total energy than it consumes.

Pennsylvania is not only one of the five largest producers of U.S. coal but is a major net exporter of natural gas.

Figures were released this week by the U.S. Energy Information Administration and indicated 12 states produced more primary energy than they consumed. And the country’s most populous states, California, Florida and New York were also the top energy net recipients in 2015.