Newfield Reports Five Big Gas Wells In the STACK

Blaine County in Oklahoma’s STACK play has yielded five sizable horizontal gas wells for Houston-based Newfield Exploration Mid-con Inc., which recently announced its test well results with the company’s quarterly earnings.

As indicated in the Completion Reports for August 4, 2017 shown by OK Energy Today, the Stark wells are located at 1 16N 10W which is about two miles north of Omega and 15 miles northwest of Kingfisher. Drilling began in January and February and finished in May and June, with the completion reports was made in August.

A total of nine wells were drilled by Newfield. The first well is identified as Stark 3h-1umx and has a spud date of January 1, 2017. The well is pulling 1,642 Mcf of gas and 731 barrels of oil out of the Mississippian zone. The second well is Stark 4h-1lmx and has a daily production of 1,739 Mcf of gas with 755 barrels of oil. The third well is Stark 9h-1lmx and has a daily production of 1,828 Mcf of gas with 909 barrels of oil. Next is the Stark 8h-1lmx which is pulling 1,567 Mcf of gas and 735 barrels of oil followed by the Stark 7h-1umx which produces 1,712 Mcf of gas and 820 barrels of oil.