NY Times Article Prompts Senator to Make Demand of EPA Chief

The New York Times article targeting Scott Pruitt, Devon Energy and Sen. James Lankford for their environmental efforts got the attention of the top Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

Sen. Tom Carper, a Democrat from Delaware, sent a letter to Pruitt, the EPA Administrator wanting information about settlements between Devon Energy and the EPA. He specifically mentioned the New York Times story as reported by OK Energy Today.

Carper wants to know more about the settlement that Devon had made with the EPA regarding methane emissions at a Wyoming operation but backed out of days after Pruitt took over at EPA.

“Allowing Devon Energy to back out of both a remedy to ‘improve our air’ and no longer be subject to ‘vigorous enforcement’ for violations of the Clean Air Act would seem inconsistent with the statements you made to the Environment and Public Works Committee,” wrote Carper in the May 20 letter.

Carper wants emails, correspondence, phone logs and meeting minutes related to any enforcement action against or the settlement with Devon Energy. He also wants to know the number of civil and criminal enforcement actions taken by the EPA since Pruitt became Administrator.