Newfield Reports Two More Major Wells in Kingfisher County

Newfield Exploration is reporting two more major wells in Kingfisher county, one of the three counties that make up the so-called STACK oil play in the state.

Both are producing more than 1,000 barrels of oil a day as indicated in completion reports published by OK Energy Today. The Lucile well, located at 27 17N 8W or about 6 miles northwest of Kingfisher has production of 1,138 barrels a day along with 1,535 Mcf of gas. It had a spud date back in October 2016 and drilling finished in November. Completion was made in January 2017.

A slightly larger well at the same site, 27 17N 8W, the Emory is producing 1,162 barrels a day along with 1,702 Mcf of gas. It had the same drilling and completion dates as the Lucile well.

Newfield also reported the Eileen well in Canadian County, 27 14N 6W is producing 588 barrels of oil daily along with 367 Mcf of gas. The Auld well in Grady County, 10 3N 5W has production of 485 barrels daily along with 926 Mcf of gas.

Just last month,as reported by OK Energy Today, Newfield Exploration announced its largest well ever in the STACK, one producing more than 2,900 barrels a day.