T-Boone Pickens Warns Against Electing Hillary Clinton as President and How it would Harm the Energy Industry



“A complete loser for energy”  T-Boone Pickens on President Obama



Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens isn’t afraid to say it—he’s for Donald Trump, against Hillary Clinton and thinks President Obama has not been good for U.S. energy.

It’s what he said in a recent interview with Yahoo Finance.

“There’s no question Donald Trump will be a better candidate for energy,” responded Pickens when asked about the Presidential race. Pickens, a native Oklahoman who has contributed tens of millions of dollars to Oklahoma State University’s football program, was quick to outline a disaster if HIllary Clinton were elected and followed through on her vow to stop fracking.

“That can’t happen. Let me tell you what would happen to us, for instance. The world uses 95 million barrels of oil a day. Seventy percent of that goes to transportation fuel. If you shut down fracking——–your transportation will stop. and that can’t happen.”

And when asked about President Obama.

“He’s been a complete loser for energy. He has never promoted energy and never pays attention to it that I can see.”