Oklahoma Gasoline Prices Hit $2.02 average

gaspricesGasoline prices have slipped to an Oklahoma average of $2.02 a gallon, a drop of eleven cents since the end of August according to the latest Fuel Gauge Report from AAA Oklahoma.

Lawton has the lowest average with $1.89 a gallon while the highest is in Stillwater at $2.11 a gallon.

“Inventory reports have been good, demand is down now that the summer driving season is behind us, and there are no immediate threats to production either here or abroad,” said Chuck Mai, spokesman for AAA Oklahoma. “It seems likely that the statewide average will fall below $2 per gallon in Oklahoma.”

The national average is $2.21 a gallon and drivers in 25 states are paying less at the pump week-over-week. The cheapest gasoline remains in the Midwest and Oklahoma has the 7th lowest average in the country. The lowest average of $1.95 is in Texas followed by Arkansas at $1.97, Mississippi, Louisiana, and New Jersey at $1.99 and Missouri at $2 a gallon.