Outlook not bright for oil and gas employment says State report

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For every new job that opens in Oklahoma’s oil and gas and mining sector, there are three others who are out of work.

The unemployment figure is the highest in the state according to an August report announced by the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development.

The same report suggests the state’s oil and gas industry will take a 12% loss in workers between 2021 and 2025. The state estimates the number of employees in Mining, Quarrying and Oil and Gas Extraction will drop from 33,801 as of last month to 29,805 by 2025. The loss of 3,996 workers translates to a 12% decline.

Utilities will experience an 8% drop in employment according to the state report.

The same report estimates that from 2021 to 2025, Arts, Entertainment and Recreation in Oklahoma will experience a 12% growth in employment.

During the same time period two other categories of employment are expected to see a 7% increase. The categories are Management of Companies and Enterprises and Transportation and Warehousing.

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