Salaries of high tech workers improve in Oklahoma


A survey indicates the average tech worker in Oklahoma City is paid nearly $75,000 a year while those in Dallas make more than $98,000 annually.

The survey was conducted by which found Oklahoma City’s average Tech salary is $74,671 compared to $74,778 in Wichita, Kansas and $98,237 in Dallas,Texas.

Oklahoma City’s average is nearly 4% better than 2017.

Tech workers in Tulsa make an average of $73,904 which was less than one-half percent better than 2017 figures.

The business website said tech workers in Colorado Springs make an average of 490,405 while those in Albuquerque, New Mexico draw $85,561.

Here’s how reported its findings:

At, we produced this same report for 2018, but we wanted to revisit and update our findings to give you the most accurate information for 2019. To choose our top cities, we looked at 100 metro areas across the US and pulled the most recent available data (primarily from the Bureau of Labor Statistics) on their tech salaries. We compared the average salaries in each metro, and voilà: our list was born.

We considered salary data on basically any job in the computer and mathematical science industries you can think of: computer and information research scientist, computer systems analyst, information security analyst, computer programmer, software developer, web developer, database administrator, network and computer systems administrator, computer network architect, computer user support specialist, computer network support specialist, actuary, mathematician, operations research analyst, statisticians . . . and every other job under the tech umbrella.

  • Nationwide, tech salaries are an average of 66% higher than other occupations.
  • The highest percentage of tech salary growth was in El Paso, Texas, where tech wages grew by 11.09%—from $65k to $73k. The average salary for other occupations in the area is $39k.
  • In contrast with El Paso, tech wages in Chicago decreased by 10.89%, from $93k to $82k. Tech workers are still winning big in Chicago, though; the average salary for other occupations in the area is $55k.
  • The area with the greatest salary difference between tech and other occupations is Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Techies average $87k, which is 87% higher than the area average of $45k.
  • The area with the smallest salary difference between tech and other occupations is Rochester, New York. Techies in Rochester make $68k, or just 35% more than the general average of $50k. Tech salaries in Rochester also dropped this year; last year they were up to $75k, which means there was a 9.44% decrease

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