More large wells in the SCOOP and STACK


Tulsa’s Unit Petroleum scored a large well in the SCOOP with daily oil production of nearly 1,500 barrels.

In a completion report filed this week, the company indicated the Schenk Trust #2-17HXL drilled at 17 6N 8W or about 6 miles southwest of Chickasha had production of 1,466 barrels of oil a day along with 1,463 Mcf of gas.

The report showed the well was in the Hoxbar formation and had a spud date of one year ago in April with drilling finished in May 2018 and completion made in August 2018. Unit carried out 22 stages of fracking and used 5,531,133 pounds of sand and 126,448 barrels of slickwater to complete the well.

Newfield Exploration continued to file more completion reports on wells drilled in Kingfisher county with one well producing more than 1,000 barrels of oil a day.

The Indominus Rex had a series of wells drilled at one common pad site with 7 wells at 6 16N 9W or about mile mile from the Lomega high school north of state highway 33. It’s a site located midway between Kingfisher and Watonga.

The wells were drilled in 2018 and completed then as well. The largest, the Indominus Rex 1609 2h-6x saw production of 1,062 barrels of oil a day along with 3,185 Mcf of natural gas. Records show Newfield used 17,464,118 pounds of sand and 424,620 barrels of liquid in bringing in the well.

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