New Petroleum Storage bill signed into law in Oklahoma

One of the bills signed into law this past week by Gov. Kevin Stitt pertains to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

House Bill 2151 by Rep. John Pfeiffer (R-Orlando) and Sen. Dave Rader (R-Tulsa) makes changes to the Corporation Commission’s underground storage programs.

It creates the Oklahoma Petroleum Storage Tank Regulatory Act and also provides for a $100 fine for anyone who refuses to allow a Corporation Commission employees to inspect storage tanks.

The Commission’s Petroleum Storage Tank Division enforces regulations pertaining to petroleum storage tanks that contain antifreeze, motor oil, motor fuel, gasoline, kerosene, diesel and aviation fuel. The inspectors also check the calibration of gasoline pumps to verify their accuracy.

The new law also changed the name of the Petroleum Storage Tank Release Indemnity Fund to a “revolving” fund. It was created in 1989 by the legislature to help fuel storage tank owners meet a liability insurance requirement.

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