What They’re Saying about 31% Cut to EPA Budget


At least three Oklahoma congressmen agree with President Trump’s proposed cut of 31% to the Environmental Protection Agency budget.

The proposal from the White House on Thursday could possibly lead to the layoff of an estimated 3,000 workers from the giant agency now headed by former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt.

Sen. James Lankford said he appreciated the White House used many of his ideas from his Federal Fumbles government waste report.

“Our nation still faces a massive $19 trillion federal debt that must be addressed with targeted cuts in spending, entitlement reform, and revenue from a growing economy,” said the Senator in a statement.

He pointed out the proposed Trump budget included his call last year to eliminate funding for Green Climate Fund, elimination of funding of the Clean Power Plan and the reduction of land acquisition funding and refocus on maintaining existing national parks, refuges and public lands.

Congressman Markwayne Mullin, a member of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce committee was supportive too.

“The president’s budget blueprint makes good no his promise to run our government more efficiently and more effectively,” said Rep. Mullin. “Our EPA administrator understands and values the states’ ability to regulate themselves. The president’s budget proposal suggests that he too, believes the EPA has gone rogue in its overregulation of our nation’s resources that have overwhelmingly burdened our states and their industries, and has had a negative effect on our economy.”

Tulsa congressman Jim Bridenstine agreed, saying the President was elected on promises to bring the rational priorities of the American people to Washington.

“This budget is a clear signal that he is working to keep those promises. This budget provides for the national defense by starting to rebuild our military toward the objective of peace through strength.”

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