So much for ‘warm’ weather in Oklahoma


Enjoy it while you can—the warm weather in Oklahoma. It’ll come crashing to a cold end at mid-week according to Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus who marveled at the weekend high temperatures.

“HOLY FLOUNDER, BATMAN! Yeah, not the same oomph, but did you see Beaver hit 90 degrees yesterday? (Sunday) Goodness, what does that make Ward and Mrs. Cleaver? The record high temp for Beaver on Nov. 7 was 88 degrees set back in 2009, so that record fell, as did Hooker’s 86 degrees from that year with 89 degrees yesterday,” he wrote in Monday’s Mesonet report.

He also hit us with hot news that cold weather will return on Wednesday with the arrival of a cold front.

“By Thursday morning into Friday, we’ll see freezing temps again in parts of the state, but even more so Saturday morning with another front.”

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