PSO issues requests for proposals for purchase of wind and solar generation resources

Public Service Company of Oklahoma anticipates October 15 RFP launch  seeking 2.6 GW of wind, 1.35 GW of solar — New Project Media


Public Service Company is attempting to expand its reliance on renewable energy sources in Oklahoma and this week announced a search for suppliers of wind and solar powered electricity.

PSO submitted Requests for Proposals for renewable energy resources to supply the needs of its 562,000 customers in eastern and southwestern Oklahoma. The subsidiary of American Electric Power, considered to be one of the largest distributors of wind energy in the state, is seeking bids for the purchase of wind energy resources of up to 2,800 megawatts and solar energy resources up to 1,350 megawatts.

PSO said the wind energy resources must be a minimum of 100 MW and solar energy resources a minimum of 50 MW.  The renewable energy resources must interconnect to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) and be located in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri or Texas.

Proposals will be due on January 13, 2022.  Additional information regarding the RFPs and contact information is available online at  Proposals selected from the two RFPs are subject to appropriate regulatory approvals.

PSO already owns 3,800 megawatts of generating capacity fueld primarily by natural gas. It also maintains and operates 22,000 miles of distribution lines and 3,700 miles of transmission lines.

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